As this is my first post, I feel obligated to say thank you for reading this blog post. This website was interesting to build, though there were many mornings and afternoons trying to figure out why some things wouldn’t work, and while I was on the verge of trying to not throw my laptop out the window in pure anger, building this website was a huge learning experience for me. First things first to introduce myself, My name is Nicolaos, a lot of people call me Niko for short, as you read on my homepage, I’m from Alberta, some hobbies of mine are fishing, video games, and hanging out with friends while I’m not designing, I moved to the Okanogan to start a new chapter in my life while starting this new chapter in my life I found that I had a deep passion for graphic design and wanted to pursue it as a career, I received my education from the Center For Arts and Technology, in Kelowna. At CATO I met many amazing friends and teachers, I feel honored to of learned and grown with many talented individuals.

Importance of Print Design

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